Crime Scene

Crime scene photography, also known as forensic photography, is essentially the use of photographic methods and techniques to aid legal investigations. As well as creating a permanent visual record of the crime scene in the state in which it was originally found, forensic photographs will play a huge role throughout the entire investigation. They can act as triggers for both witnesses and investigators when trying to remember details of the event and scene. Such photographs will also be greatly beneficial in reconstructing the events which took place. Finally, the photographs taken at the scene can be called upon in court to support verbal and physical evidence, and give jurors a clear image of the crime. [The Forensics Library]

Until now the use of 360 imaging in forensic photography has been limited but as a Google trusted Photographer you know that we have the skills and capabilities to deliver accurate, impartial and exceptional quality imaging of scenes for the use in UK and international Courts of Law.

Gary Howard, our principle photographer has worked in forensic crime scene investigation for over 20 years and has amassed an enormous amount of experience at home and abroad in this field. Using this expertise and his Google Trusted Photographer status we are able to design bespoke virtual tours of crime scenes for your legal arguments (defence and prosecution) for you to utilise in court.*

Crime Scenes can be tagged to show paths of approach, views and even enhanced with tags of evidence or other points of interest. This mock up shows more.



*These may not be suitable for dissemination and all measures to protect the integrity of both the images and the crime scene will be taken (they will not be uploaded to public sites such as Google).