Airbnb Hosts

Are you making extra income from hosting that spare space or home on Airbnb?

You will already be listed with photos showing the amazing space you already have but Airbnb is developing and moving into new technologies including 360 degree imaging.

Not only do you get the amazing ability to showcase your home but you can generate tours to allow the potential guest to tour the facilities.

Manchester listings

From one room to a whole house See it in 360 can build your tour to reflect the stunning facilities you are offering.

That tour can be a simple room view, the whole house or even the house to any wonderful facilities in the surrounding area.

360 degree imaging can help you with the required expectations of Airbnb in your customer charter as a host.

This includes “Listing photos that represent the condition and layout of the space“, and “Using a variety of photographs with captions and descriptions“.

What better way to showcase the space available than to let your client/guest walk around the home?


A picture paints a thousand word, while a 360 degree immersive experience puts you in it.

If you want to create the highest standards in Airbnb Plus or become a Superhost then 360 degree imaging and tours will help define you as one of the best.


Airbnb host standards are continually evolving